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The Full Package

Bridal Hair Stylist


We are here throughout you wedding dress journey.  Not just whilst you choose, but all the way through to your wedding day, 

We have an inhouse seamstress to ensure that your dresses are a perfect fit on your big day, adding any individual touches you require.

Although this is an extra charge*, knowing that we will be here to support you through the process fills our brides with confidence.

*Charges will be quoted at your first fitting.

Hair Stylist


Storage and preparation of your wedding dress is included as standard with the cost of your wedding dress.   

We are happy to store your wedding dress  until your wedding day adding a final steam to the finished, perfect dress ready for collection the day before your big day.

Getting married abroad?   Leave us to pack your wedding dress in your hand luggage for you all ready for your flight.


So many gowns require a seperate hoop to help you walk and to hold the shape.  This can become a costly extra.

Although we can arrange for you to buy one of our hoops, we also offer a hire service.  This just helps to keep costs down that little bit.


We understand that budgeting for your wedding day can be difficult so our payment plan option as always been popular with our brides.

This is as simple as a discussion between us to work out the easiest way for you to buy your wedding dress.  Just ask for details during your consultation and we can arrange a plan confortable for you.

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